District Academic Calendars

Annually, the School Board adopts a three-year academic calendar. The primary purpose of the three-year adoption of a calendar is to support long range planning goals for the district and provide calendar information to our community and families. Modifications to the calendar can occur annually, as required.

Click on the appropriate link below to download or open the PDF version of a calendar.

The revised general academic 2010-2011 calendar will be posted soon. Check back for updates!

2011-2012 School Year

Individual Grade Level Calendars (updated July, 2010)

High School Calendar 2010-2011 - English

Middle School Calendar 2010-2011 - English  |  Spanish

Elementary School Calendar 2010-2011 - English  |  Spanish  (updated 08/04/2010)

Kindergarten Calendar 2010-2011 - English  |  Spanish  (updated 08/04/2010)

Individual High School Calendars (updated July, 2010)

Gresham High School Calendar 2010-2011 - English

Sam Barlow High School Calendar 2010-2011 - English

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